Mailloux Bass Models

When you buy a Mailloux bass you will receive an instrument built by one person, the old way in our workshop. Our basses are not built in manufactures by CNC’s. We strive to make the highest quality handmade instruments possible. Only the best materials available in the bass world are used. All of our hardware is supplied by Hipshot. Ultralite tuners are a standard item on all our basses. We supply Nordstrand pickups exclusively for our vintage instruments and many brands of high-end preamps are available such as Aguilar, ACG/East and Audere, timbers are sourced from everywhere around the world.
We’re presently offering 3 different models but are keen on growing our offerings and so are working on new models, come back to the site often to see our new models or send us an e-mail if you’d like more information on having a different style of bass built for you.

The DCS is a modern instrument that has a dual-cut, symmetric shape. It is available in 4 string configuration all the way up to 10 strings!

The DCO is our modern version of a dual-cut, offset shape. Both modern instruments are available in multitudes of configurations, from the very simple to very complicated. Some of the features available are; choice of preamps and pickups, laminated bodies and necks or just plain timber, angled or straight headstocks, opaque, clear, sunburst finishes and many more options.


Our vintage instruments are available in P or J style. Again, many options are offered from a traditional vintage instrument with the specifications being very close to the originals of yesteryears or a modern touch can be added by “pimping” out your bass with figured tops, preamps and modern pickups.


We pride ourselves on being very open to ideas and options regarding your custom instrument, we will work with you to build your dream instrument the way you really want it.
Best of all Mailloux basses start at only $2000 AUD!

All basses are fully customized to your specs and handbuilt.

E-mail us for a quote.